A2 Racer

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directed by: Michael Keusch
produced by: Oliver Berben, Robert Kulzer, Herman Weigel
starring: Luke J. Wilkins, Niels Bruno Schmidt, Alexandra Neldel, Thomas Heinze
Feature, Dolby Digital

Based on the extremely successful videogame "A2 RACER" by Dutch software company Davilex, which has sold millions of copies in Germany and other countries, Constantin Film, in cooperation with MOOVIE – the art of entertainment and Delux Productions, produced this Action-Comedy filled to the rim with Adrenaline and Gasoline.

A group of young speed-freaks with supercharged cars, organize secret high-speed races on the autobahn. These adrenaline loaded, illegal events have lately been disturbed by regular police raids, actually aimed at a group of high-tech Car Thieves, who are stealing expensive sports-cars from transporters driving along the autobahn.

After weeks of intense surveillance, the cops have little to show for it other than masses of destroyed police vehicles and a lot of frustration. Centering all available forces on this case, the investigating inspector assigns Carl, a young rookie officer, to the illegal car races.

Carl has a problem: his sub-compact car is a rusty old piece of junk and he quickly falls for the beautiful Nicki, a young girl co-piloting a lightning-fast BMW M3. Carl is quickly drawn into this world of cool guys, fast cars and beautiful girls and after a high speed cruise with Nicki in a souped-up Mustang, Carl is hooked.

The car thieves strike again: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Viper - a million Dollars on wheels. Now there are cops everywhere. No chance for another race. Carl and his new friends take action: They need to catch the car thieves or they will never be able to burn rubber without being hassled by the Police - they need to defend the very last resort of freedom and individualism - the German AUTOBAHN - the one and only HIGHWAY without a speed limit...

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