Guns & Lipstick

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directed by: Jeno Hodi
starring: Sally Kirkland, Robert Forster, Wings Hauser, James Hong, Evan Lurie, Sonny Landham, Joe Estevez, Jorge Rivero
produced by: D.J. Kang

Profile of a Detective: Danielle Roberts. Tough. Seasoned. Beautiful. Desperately needs clients.

A terrified exotic dancer, Mary, comes to Danielle for protection. Within hours her client is dead and an underworld kingpin hires Danielle to track down Mary's killer.

A tip from another dancer at a strip club leads Danielle to a deadly hunt for a priceless emerald. Soon Mary's innocent brother is threatened. Danielle, denying even to herself that she has fallen in love, tries to help the young man. But the stake in the emerald lures the L.A. thugs, the mob, and even the cops who all want her dead.

Danielle ends up battling for her life as well as Andy's. Her instinct for survival goes into overdrive as bullets fly. She comes out the winner, until Andy throws her an unexpected curve...

SALLY KIRKLAND - "Bruce Almighty, EDTV, Anna, Best of the Best, JFK" - Academy Award nominee, Golden Globe winner (Anna)

ROBERT FORSTER - "Charley's Angels II, Mulholland Dr., Supernova, Delta Force, Spawn, Jackie Brown" - Academy Award nominee (Jackie Brown)

JORGE RIVERO - "Fist Fighter, Rio Lobo"

WINGS HAUSER - "Bedroom Eyes, Roseanne T. V. Show, Beverly Hills 90210

JAMES HONG - "Chinatown, Blade Runner, Art of War, Wayne's World 2, Missing in Action"

EVAN LURIE - "American Kickboxer2, Double Impact"

PAUL BENEDICT - "Adams Family, Arthur on the Rocks"

JOE ESTEVEZ - "Soultaker, LA Goddess"

SONNY LANDHAM - "48 Hours, Predator"

TED MARKLAND - "American Kickboxer, Another 48 Hours"


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