It happened in broad Daylight

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(Es geschah am hellichten Tag) Thriller
directed by: Nico Hofmann

written by: Bernd Eichinger and Uwe Wilhelm
produced by: Bernd Eichinger and Uschi Reich
starring: Joachim Król, Barbara Rudnik, Axel Milberg, Judith Thayenthal, Heino Ferch

THE GERMAN CLASSICS are prestigious remakes of German blockbusters from the 50ties and 60ties. Produced by Bernd Eichinger's Constantin Film Produktion for German broadcaster SAT 1, this package features many of the best German actors and directors.


On his way through the woods, the peddler Bock discovers the body of a dead child. Badly upset, he runs to the nearby village. Here, the villagers are fast on making him - the outsider - their number one suspect.
He is almost lynched by the mob and in sheer panic he admits the murder he did not commit.

That evening, just as the police is about to transfer Bock to the city, the girl's enraged father shoots the alleged murderer. The police closes the case, only detective Matthäus does not believe that Bock was the killer...

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