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Genre: Action / Western
Produced by: Jason Netter ("Wanted"), Trevor Drinkwater, Noah Miller
Starring: Ed Harris, January Jones, Jason Isaacs, Eduardo Noriega, Jason Aldean, Stephen Root, Chad Brummet
Story by: Andrew McKenzie
Screenplay by: Logan and Noah Miller
Directed by: Logan Miller
Status: completed

Sweetwater wins Best Feature Length Film Award at the 2014 Almeria Western Film Festival in Spain
SWEETWATER running in competition at the 2013 Leiden International Film Festival
People.com - January Jones Photographed with Noah Miller
Deadline.com - January Jones And Ed Harris Star In ‘Sweetwater’
Ed Harris wins Golden Globe for his performance in HBO's "Game Change"
SWEETWATER running in competition at the 39th Deauville Festival in France
SWEETWATER running at the 2013 Fantasy Filmfest in seven major cities in Germany

"A total blast from start to finish - January Jones is the ultimate female badass!" - welivefilm.com

“Sweetwater” provides an exciting, suspenseful Western, which makes it a pretty rare bird indeed. A unique plotline done well, with uniqueness in its own right, adds up to an excellent movie, one quite clearly worth the time to watch." - Steve Anderson, technologytell.com, USA (link)

"Without interrupting the narrative flow, he (Logan Miller) combines eruptions of violence with dialogue about guilt and atonement in best Tarantino-esque manner."
Rating: Four out of Five Points
- Cinema Magazine Germany, January 2014 (link)

Against the backdrop of a young American West, we meet Miguel and Sarah, a newlywed couple madly in love with each other, but struggling to make a living cultivating their small patch of land in Arizona. A much bigger struggle awaits them, though. A powerful land-owner named Josiah, the preacher of their community, is after their property, the last bit of land he doesn't own. A very violent and flawed individual, Josiah starts to sabotage the young couple, and when that doesn't work, he kills Miguel and hides his body.

Sarah, assuming the worst, tries to keep the farm going. Meanwhile, Sheriff Jackson, a man of the law from the big city, arrives in the small town to investigate Josiah. Facing the town's rampant corruption, Jackson fires the local Sheriff and begins his investigation in earnest.

After being raped by Josiah, Sarah realizes that her husband is never coming back and that Josiah was his killer. So while Sheriff Jackson tries to bring justice to the town, Sarah decides to take justice in her own hands. Systematically eliminating Josiah’s men one by one, Sarah comes to Josiah’s ranch, saves an imprisoned and tortured Jackson from sure death, and proceeds to hunt down Josiah in one last, jaw-dropping showdown.

The cast of "Sweetwater" includes four time Academy Award nominee and multiple Golden Globe winner Ed Harris ("Game Change", "The Rock", "Apollo 13"), "Mad Men" and "X-Men" star and Emmy nominee January Jones, Golden Globe nominee Jason Isaacs ("Harry Potter", "Armageddon"), and multiple platinum awarded Country Music sensation and 2013 CMT Music Awards co-host Jason Aldean.

"Sweetwater" is produced by Jason Netter, who also produced "Wanted" (Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy). "Sweetwater" is written and directed by the team of Noah and Logan Miller, who recently directed Ed Harris in "Touching Home".

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