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directed by: Pierre William Glenn
produced by: Anne François
starring: Jürgen Prochnow, Karen Allen, Gabriel Damon, Jonny Halliday, Julie Glenn
running time: 85 Minutes

In the year 2037, after several environmental catastrophes, diseases and nuclear incidents, the world is divided into a few remaining countries which are ruled by military leaders. Their opponents are ruthless scientists headed by the mysterious SIR. His plan is to create the perfect human being - highly intelligent and without any emotions.

His latest creation, MATI, a 12 year old boy with the mind of a genius, has invented a game. The game seems to be very simple: MONSTER, a gigantic truck with a living computer on board races through a post-nuclear world. Its mission: to reach the secret base TERMINUS. But - somebody is following. Hired killers attack the truck and its drivers again and again.

However, none of the players realizes that they are only puppets in a totally different game - a computer simulation turned brutal reality...and the prize is higher than life or death.

(C) 2010 - All rights reserved

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