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directed by: Felipe Casalz
starring: Antonio Aguilar, Jaime Fernandez, Patricia Aspillaga, Mario Almada,

Entrega Anual de Premios ACE, New York, USA, 1972
Best Actor (Antonio Aguilar)
Best Director (Felipe Casalz)
Best Film of the Year (Zapata)

With over 160 actors and more than 60.000 extras in the major battle scenes, this is by far the most extravagant film on the life of the famous Mexican folk-hero, this time played by one of Mexico's biggest stars, Antonio Aguilar.

The true story of Mexico's great national hero, Emiliano Zapata. Mexico, in the 1920ties ... the rich landowners are taking away the land from the poor farmers. The government shows no reaction. After several unsuccessful attempts to solve the problems by peaceful means, revolt seems to be the only solution.

Emiliano Zapata becomes the chosen leader in the fight of the peasants to recover their land.

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