The Bunnyguards vs The Forces Of Evil

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directed by: Axel Sand
starring: Erkan Maria Moosleitner, Stefan Lust, Bettina Zimmermann, Corinna Harfouch, Leon Boden
produced by: Philip Voges, & Mischa Hofmann

KARTAN, the most vicious and evil of all warlocks is fighting a merciless battle with TANA, the Guardian of Good, a virgin of incomparable beauty and combative courage. Should he manage to kill her with the magic dagger "Dolgar", then legend has it that the Devil himself will grant him unlimited power and Earth will be his.

The fight is brutal and Kartan almost succeeds… Tana is barely able to save her life - she is banished into the dagger and disappears with it. Kartan furiously embarks on a long journey in search for the dagger…

Thousands of years later - today - Kartan has finally located the dagger in the hands of… the Bunnyguards, who have just accidentally liberated Tana from her ancient prison. Tana, barely having escaped the dagger, is facing a totally alien world and so she asks our unlikely heroes for some help. Erkan is primarily enticed by the thought of a steamy night of lovemaking. Stefan, in turn, is absolutely convinced that this chick is in fact a virtual character and that he and his buddy have finally managed to beam themselves into one of their favorite videogames. Very motivated and absolutely convinced that everything is just an awesome game, our two friends turn everyday articles like a cell phone, a water pistol or a barbecue roast into dangerous weapons and thus overcome each and every obstacle Kartan puts in front of them.

But then the warlock uses his most frightening and effective weapon: he casts a spell so that their every whish is immediately fulfilled. Suddenly, they are super-cool, super-rich and the incredible 'winners' that they always wanted to be. Seduced by the evil spell, the boys forget their promise to Tana and when they finally come back to their senses, it is almost too late. Kartan has meanwhile located Tana and the dagger and he is only too eager to complete his evil work and kill her.

The clock is ticking and so the Bunnyguards set off to rectify their mistake. In the final confrontation with the wicked warlock, our two heroes will only prevail if there is nothing but honesty between them…. easier said than done! When the dust finally settles, the world has been saved once again. Only Tana's romantic reward proves to be a lot more difficult than they had thought...

(C) 2010 - All rights reserved

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