The Trixxer

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directed by: Tobi Baumann
produced by: Christian Becker, David Groenewold, Anita Schneider
starring: Oliver Kalkofe, Bastian Pastewka, Anke Engelke, Olli Dittrich, Thomas Fritsch, Wolfgang Völz, Tanja Wenzel
feature length, Dolby Digital

With this ultimate parody of the huge Edgar Wallace blockbusters of the sixties ("The Dark Eyes Of London”, “The Mysterious Magician" etc.) star comedian Oliver Kalkofe massages the risible muscle of the cinema audience... - star cast, tension, fun - all inclusive!

Chief-Inspector Evan Longer and his colleague, Inspector Long must solve mysterious murder cases around the shadowy Black-White Castle and in the process fight sinister figures, seductive women and ruthless villains...

Mysterious murder cases around the shadowy Black-White Castle shake the underworld of London. A killer of villains, called “The Trixxer” is on the loose and Scotland Yard assigns its best man to the case. Chief Inspector Evan Longer (Kalkofe) and his new partner, Inspector Long (Bastian Pastewka) have a first suspect and are on their way to the shadowy Black-White Castle. The owner, the Earl of Coggwood (Thomas Fritsch) appears to be the typical British aristocrat, who spends his boring days breeding pugs. Behind this façade, however, Coggwood deals in white-slavery and exports hapless girl-bands all over the world. This business is currently stagnating, since Deaf Jack (Antoine Monot jr.), the employee responsible for the “acquisition of new product”, has recently lost his eyesight and therefore the present “portfolio” looks anything but good.

Now Coggwood has to answer the annoying questions of the two Inspectors. As if controlling his desolate enterprise, his two good for nothing sons French and Fries, his Butler Hatler (Christoph Maria Herbst) and his housekeeper Miss Drykant wasn’t enough! On top of that, just like the rest of the London underworld, he is on the list of the “Trixxer”, who kills one kingpin after the other.

The fierce Chief Inspector Longer and his good-mannered partner Long dig deep into the morass of the underworld while the “Trixxer” continues his brutal conquest.

Will Long and Longer succeed in revealing the true identity of the “Trixxer”?
Will Long ever tell a good joke?
Will Evan Longer ever forget his old partner Rather Short?
And who will get the sexy Miss Pennymarket in the end?
…and what does all this have to do with a little German tourist by the name of Dubinsky?

For the answers to all these questions…don’t try reading the script!

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