A Girl called Rosemarie

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(Das Mädchen Rosemarie) Drama
directed by: Bernd Eichinger

written by: Bernd Eichinger and Uwe Wilhelm
produced by: Bernd Eichinger and Uschi Reich
starring: Nina Hoss, Til Schweiger, Heiner Lauterbach, Katja Flint, Hannelore Elsner, Mathieu Carriére, Horst Krause

"Nina Hoss, in a star-making performance bears an uncanny resemblance to Madonna." The New York Times

THE GERMAN CLASSICS are prestigious remakes of German blockbusters from the 50ties and 60ties. Produced by Bernd Eichinger's Constantin Film Produktion for German broadcaster SAT 1, this package features many of the best German actors and directors. A GIRL CALLED ROSEMARIE marks the long awaited directorial debut of Germany's most prominent producer, Bernd Eichinger. After producing international hits such as " House Of Spirits", "The Neverending Story", "The Name Of The Rose" or "Last Exit Brooklin", Bernd Eichinger has first-time directed a re-make of a German crimestory top-grosser from 1958 about the life of Rosemarie Nitribitt, a famous, high-paid call-girl...

Frankfurt in the mid-1950’s - Rosemarie Nitribitt (Nina Hoss), a pretty girl in her early twenties, dreams of a life in „fine society“. In order to make this dream come true, she leaves her uncomprehending foster parents to start a new life in Frankfurt.

She is still on her way to Frankfurt when she meets Nadler (Til Schweiger), a charming young devil, at a motorway service area and ends up living with him as man and wife for the next few years. She earns a living as a hostess in a third-class nightclub. One evening, she gets to know the rich businessman Hartog (Heiner Lauterbach). Rosemarie attracts his attention the very same night by a foolhardy leap in front of his car. Hartog succumbs to her seductive charms.

Convinced that she is now on the way up, she splits with her boyfriend Nadler and moves into a little flat that Hartog secretly pays for. Rosemarie’s dream of a future together with Hartog is shattered when she finds out about his fiancée Christine (Katja Flint).

When Hartog’s sister Marga (Hannelore Elsner) organises a big gymkhana, Rosemarie meets the French businessman Fribert (Matthieu Carrière) who makes her a business proposition: Fribert will make Rosemarie into the perfect lady and pay her for a life in luxury. In return, she is to make tape recordings when in bed with the German parvenus of the economic upswing. Rosemarie has them all: industrialists, ministers, and nobility.

However much she enjoys having control as a mistress over the men’s feelings, she longs in her heart of hearts for Hartog whose class consciousness prevents him from giving in to his feelings.

When Fribert feels that the time has come to blackmail the „big fish“, it dawns to Rosemarie that she has only been a cheap tool. In desperation, she makes a final plan: she refuses to hand the tapes over to Fribert and tries to negotiate a deal directly with Hartog. She demands that he marry her for the tapes. But Hartog refuses - he could never afford to be seen with a prostitute in public.

Summoning up her last ounces of pride, she appears, looking more beautiful than ever, as a gatecrasher at the party of Buster (Horst Krause), one of her victims. She enjoys having all eyes on her like a film diva and asks one former client after the other to dance. But, even though she enjoys this triumph, her heart is broken.

Rosemarie’s life ends tragically: that same night, she is murdered by an unknown assailant.

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