Castle Of The Creeping Flesh

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(Germany 1968)
Directed By: Perry G. Parker
Cast: Janine Reynaud, Howard Vernon, Claudia Buthenuth
running time: 80 mins.

Death and horror hangs over the old castle of the Counts of Saxon. No one of the nearby villagers dares to enter the haunted walls. A curse, hundred of years old, follows the family.In the chaos of the 30 Years War, marauders broke into the castle and raped the daughter of the Count, whilst he, a doctor, was out caring for the wounded. Upon his return he finds his daughter dying and his jealous mistress laughing. Driven to insanity by his pain and anger, he kills his mistress and is guillotined for this crime.The tale goes, that somewhere in the vaults of the castle, the old Count Saxon is still trying to bring back to life his daughter by sacrificing young innocent girls, using their organs to transplant them into the dead body of his daughter.Since three days Baron Brack, an eccentric, rich playboy is giving a wild party for his friends from the city in his hunting lodge, nearby the castle.Among the guests is Elena, a beautiful girl of French-Russian decent who seems to be the prime choice of Brack among all the girls at the party. In sheer panic she runs out of the lodge into the dark night when he tries to seduce her and to play one of his sadistic love games, for which he is well-known.

In search of Elena her friends come to the castle and discover that her trace leads inside. A giant servant suddenly opens the gate and tells them, that Elena is there and the Count, a doctor, is taking full care of her. He invites them in to meet the Count. Although they are glad to have found Elena, their stay in these medieval surroundings is anything but pleasant. Terror, however, grips them when during dinner they learn that the Count's daughter had just died of her wounds suffered some days ago when sadistically attacked in the woods.And in the tradition of his ancestor the present Count Saxon is trying to bring his only child back to life, but will his dinner guests survive his horrifying experiments? Will they be able to put an end to the curse of the CASTLE OF THE CREEPING FLESH?

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