Dark Remains

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directed by: Brian Avenet-Bradley
produced by: Laurence Avenet-Bradley
starring: Cheri Christian, Greg Thompson

"...skillfully orchestrated atmosphere and shocks en route..." Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"A genuinely creepy ghost story guaranteed to make you jump." Michael Gingold, FANGORIA

"Scared me half to death. Four Stars.” Slasherpool.com

Invited to the following Festivals:
Shriekfest Horror Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Best Horror Feature award)
Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, USA (Best Feature award)
Nevermore Film Festival, Durham NC, USA
Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach, CA, USA
Weekend of Fear, Nuremberg, Germany
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Seoul - Korea
10th Cinénygma Luxembourg International Film Festival, October 22nd to 28th, 2006
20th Leeds International Film Festival, November 2nd to 13th, 2006

After their daughter is brutally murdered in their home, a grieving young couple escapes the city to find solace in the mountains. But Allen and Julie Pyke find their tattered relationship strained by their guilt over their daughter’s death. Soon their pain re-ignites deadly entities from the mountain’s past- causing their visiting friend Steve to have a horrific encounter in the middle of the night.

Unaware as to what happened to their friend, Julie is drawn deeper into the dark events as she photographs an abandoned prison she finds in the woods. Developing the prints, she becomes convinced her dead daughter is contacting her through the photographs. Allen sees nothing, but discovers that the past residents of their rental cabin both committed suicide. He soon learns that these deaths are not the first on the mountain and someone is hiding something: Is it Booth, the person renting them their cabin, Jim, their neighbor or the local Sheriff?

As the entities take hold over Julie, a cycle of death reawakens and a horrified Allen discovers the truth in the images Julie has been taking. Now with the vengeful entities converging all around him, Allen has to fight to unravel the secret of the mountain’s deadly past to save his life… and Julie’s.

Winner Rhode Island

Winner Los Angeles

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