The Ghosts Of Edendale

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directed by: Stefan Avalos
produced by: Marianne Connor
starring: Stephen Wastell, Paula Ficara, Keith Fulton, Robert Lane, Maureen Davis

From the maker of The Last Broadcast comes a haunting supernatural thriller.

Kevin and Rachel move to Hollywood to follow their dream: making it in the movies. They can't believe their luck when they find the perfect house on a hill called Edendale. Here, all the neighbors are in "the business," and they have high hopes for Kevin and Rachel. But when Rachel goes back to the East Coast for a visit, something sinister and strange begins to take hold of Kevin. She returns to a cold, hard stranger obsessed with one thing - writing his new screenplay.

The more Kevin writes, the more the house seems to come alive. It's as if some dark force has been waiting for this moment. Excited whispers fill the air, unearthly faces appear in the walls, and a ghost boy hides in the closet, hoping for a chance to get an autograph. Terrified, Rachel thinks she must be going crazy - but could her insanity extend beyond her front door to the hill itself? Even the neighbors seem to know about Kevin's work and eagerly await its completion. The few neighbors who don't fit in mysteriously disappear, leaving all their worldly possessions behind. Rachel becomes increasingly isolated, as she desperately pieces together the clues to a horrifying plan: Edendale has drawn them here for its own dark purposes. Now, Rachel must convince Kevin to leave this place before the powerful Ghosts of Edendale reach through time to possess his very soul.

Writer/director Stefan Avalos delivers a horror film with all the creepy paranoia of The Shining. Wired magazine featured him as one of the top twenty people reinventing Hollywood. Director of Photography Lukas Ettlin (ASC Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography, 2001) evokes the foreboding mood of a nightmare.

The Ghosts of Edendale gets rave reviews in Philadelphia Halloween Screenings!

"Disturbing...what horror movies should be." Philadelphia Inquirer

"'Ghosts' takes the fear of not belonging to a whole new level." Trenton Times

"A supernatural stunner ... what The Shining did for writer's block and Rosemary's Baby did for expectant mothers..." The Morning Call

"...unusually vivid and imaginative ... haunting and eerie apparitions that linger in the memory ... a frightfest with a sense of humor"

"...a chilling gem which taps an almost-palpably suffocating sense of dread." Stephen R. Bissette

"Ghosts is the scariest indie horror movie I've ever seen and in many ways, stands up to the best in the genre."
The Cold Spot

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