Amazons and Gladiators

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directed by: Zachary Weintraub
produced by: Tom Kuhn, Fred Weintraub
starring: Patrick Bergin, Jennifer Rubin, Richard Norton, Nicole Hiltz, Mary Tamm
running time: 94 minutes

In the times of emperor Caesar, power and reward often came at a mortal cost. Young Serena understands this firsthand when, at age twelve, General Crassius and his army attack her village, killing her parents and separating her from her older sister. At the time she is unaware that her destiny is to become a hero and savior to her people.

10 years later: the beautiful Serena, now a slave, finds herself warding off the lascivious advances of a drunken Roman Senator and accidentally kills him. She escapes and ends up joining Queen Zenobia and her Amazon warriors. Serena discovers her mastery of the sword but also that her inner spirit demands discipline.

Serena's journey leads her to the gladiator fights, where she is shocked to learn that her sister is now Crassius' slave mistress. Ultimately, Serena must confront her thirst for revenge and face Crassius in an ultimate battle for her life, and for the freedom of her people.