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directed by: Joshua Sinclair
starring: Patrick Swayze, Ben Silverstone, Martine McCutcheon, Anja Kruse, Heinz Hoenig, Richard Johnson, Stefanie Powers
running time: 115 minutes, Dolby Digital, Original English Version


Born to a Jewish family in Latvia, Photographer Philippe Halsman became one of the most sought-after celebrity portrait artists of the 20th century. Halsman shot over 100 covers for LIFE Magazine, more than any other photographer of his time. Halsman’s collaboration with Salvatore Dali or his portrait of a mournful Albert Einstein brought him international fame. He is best known for his “Jump” series of pictures in which he captured celebrities like Richard Nixon, Marilyn Monroe, the Duke and Duchess of York or the Ford family, jumping in mid air.

Before coming to the U.S., however, Halsman suffered a terrible fate which is told in this movie:

Austria 1928. 21 year old student Philippe Halsman (Ben Silverstone) and his bullying father Morduch (Heinz Hoenig) , a dentist, share a troubled relationship, which turns increasingly sour as the two embark upon a hiking tour in the Austrian mountains. When Morduch is found murdered, Philippe is arrested and charged with killing his father.

With the Nazi party and its anti-Jewish sentiments on the rise, it soon becomes clear that in this particular case, assumptions of guilt might not be based on the strongest of evidence.

Philippe’s mother and sister believe in his innocence and hire Richard Pressburger (Patrick Swayze), a Jewish lawyer, to lead the defense. On December 13, 1928, the trial commences in the Innsbruck state court. Pressburger quickly concludes that the presiding Judge is prejudiced against his client. As the trial continues, the lawyer is pressured by the Judge to either resign from the case or join his client in jail for contempt of court charges...