Bloody Weekend

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directed by: Thomas Roth
produced by: Danny Krausz & Kurt Stocker
starring: Marek Harloff, Jürgen Tarrach, Annelise Hesme, Frank Giering, Bela B. Felsenheimer
running time 100 minutes - Dolby Digital 5.1 - widescreen

At the wrong place at the wrong time, Mobster Honcek is at the betting-counter waiting to place a hefty bet on a horse-race which he has carefully manipulated. Carrying a briefcase loaded with cash, there are just three people in front of him...

Before Honcek reaches the counter, robbers Rochus and Toby break in. Using their weapons, their plan is to rob the betting office and unfortunately for Honcek, this includes all valuables of people present and with those, the briefcase. They don't know who they just robbed or what is in the briefcase.

Outside double-parked with the motor running, the driver Alex waits. When a Police officer approaches him, he gets nervous and drives around the block. As Alex comes back around to the betting office, a wild shootout is in full swing. A Police Officer is mortally wounded. Toby manages to jump into the car and Alex, in a panic, races off. Rochus must now make it on his own, carrying the briefcase. Honcek is furious…

Dean works part-time at a resort and is using an empty resort bungalow as his own personal love nest. When Dean wakes up the next morning, girlfriend Romy is gone but down in the living room he hears voices. At first, he takes this for the new arrivals, but he soon realizes that these people are anything but vacation hungry city-dwellers. Toby, Alex and Ed, the mobster who ordered the robbery, are all taking refuge inside the resort.

Rochus is mad. He is convinced that he was left behind on purpose and that his partners have already divided his share of the loot. When he finally opens the briefcase, his mood highly improves. He also finds a business card: the briefcase belongs to Paul Honcek - THE PAUL HONCEK. He calls Ed and informs him of his findings. He also demands that his share be delivered to his girlfriend's apartment within the hour, otherwise he will inform Honcek - period.

Dean has meanwhile made several attempts to escape from the apartment without success and so finally, using the information he has overheard from his upstairs hideout, he devises a daring plan to play the men on the first floor off one another.

No one, however, realizes that Honcek's killers are closing in on them.