Constantin Film - Company Portrait

atlas international is proud to be handling foreigns sales for selected Constantin productions since 1992.

Over the past 25 years, Constantin Film has positioned itself in both the German media community and the international film industry as the most successful independent German producer and distributor.

Constantin Film has always succeeded in attracting millions of enthusiastic film fans with major German productions:
DER BEWEGTE MANN, WERNER – BEINHART, BALLERMANN 6 or THE SUPERWIFE are just a few of the early theatrical hits. However, Constantin Film made a name for itself on the international film production market too as long as more than 20 years ago with such international in-house productions as THE NEVERENDING STORY or THE NAME OF THE ROSE. They were followed by further global hits such as THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS, the action horror thriller RESIDENT EVIL and its sequel RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE (which have generated total worldwide sales of more than US-Dollar 700 million so far in the various stages of exploitation), DOWNFALL or THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX.

6 of the top 10 German blockbusters of the last 20 years were produced by Constantin Film; 23 of the top 50 German theatrical films since 1988 were released to theatres by the company. 14 of the 30 most successful German theatrical films of the past 10 years were distributed by Constantin Film. (source: Top 50 List since 1988, SPIO statistics).

Constantin Film AG went public in 1999 and with its subsidiaries and associated companies has established itself as by far the most successful independent German production and distribution company. It was founded in 1977 by Bernd Eichinger, who went on to become not only one of Constantin Film's most important producers, but arguably the most successful and internationally minded filmproducer in post-war Germany. Bernd Eichinger passed away in January 2011, much too early at the age of 61, as the result of a heart attack.

A GIRL CALLED ROSEMARIE - produced and directed by Bernd Eichinger
THE DEVIL AND MS "D" produced and directed by Bernd Eichinger
A2 RACER the best-selling video game comes to the screen....
AM I BEAUTIFUL? Doris Dörrie's closing film of the Venice Film Festival
ANTS IN THE PANTS - growing up can be painful...
BALLERMANN 6 - dumb&stupid hit Mallorca
CAMPUS a satire on mobbing by Sönke Wortmann
CHEEKY GIRLS - based on the bestselling girls novels...
CHARLEY'S AUNT - from the "German Classics" series
DREI GEGEN DREI - the only movie of German cult band TRIO
IN BED WITH THE DEVIL - Faust Jr. and Mephisto Jr. do it again...
IT HAPPENED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT - from the "German Classics" series
MAYBE...MAYBE NOT - riotous gender-bender!
MORE ANTS IN THE PANTS - Flo's "best friend" is back...
OPERA BALL - a frightening and award winning two-part thriller
PORNORAMA - how Rita discovered the pleasures of sewing...
RACIN' IN THE STREETS - who wants to drive 55?
REBELS - from the "German Classics" series
SIEGFRIED - finally... the truth about the Nibelungen Saga!
TKKG - FOUR JUNIOR DETECTIVES - kid investigators save the day
THE SUPERWIFE - never underestimate your ex-wife...
WARUM MÄNNER NICHT ZUHÖREN... - the ultimate relationship guide!