Mob Cops

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directed by: Jorge Nisco
produced by: Edi Flehner, Fernando Blanco
starring: Adrian Suar, Carlos Calvo, Rodolfo Ranni, Nancy Duplaa, Patricia Viggiano, Paul Rizzo, Nelly Pronco, Victor LaPlace
95 minutes, Dolby SR,

The Detectives Parodi and Lorenzi have nothing in common. Two regular "joker in the pack" cops who find themselves enmeshed in the turbulent activities of a drug ring they are attempting to bring down are forced to become partners. Lorenzi has been fighting drug runners throughout his professional carreer and at this point in his life, is closer to retirement than to hard work. Parodi, on the other hand, is considerably younger, a bit of a "Casanova" and doggedly pursues every lead that turns up, eager to make his way up in the ranks.

The story begins with Lorenzi, who has infiltrated a drug gang and is in the midst of a major plan to shut down their operation. He is aboard a large ship with the incriminating drug delivery, while his partner and longtime friend, Detective Alberto Pérez, leads the attack from the harbor side. But something goes terribly wrong. Lorenzi’s cover is blown, and in the ensuing gunfight, Pérez is brutally shot down.

Suffering from Pérez’ death, Lorenzi must face dealing with a new partner. By order of his superiors, Lorenzi is assigned the fresh and much younger Detective Guillermo Parodi. At this point, a mole is suspected among the special drug force, and neither partner trusts the other. The only person Lorenzi confides in is Lizarraga, his commanding officer and friend. To make matters worse, Lorenzi’s estranged wife Valeria begs him to quit his job, so they can save their marriage. But Lorenzi can not leave the death of his partner unanswered. He swears to retire when it is all over.

The next day, the two partners are assigned to bodyguard a fifteen-year-old daughter of a prominent family at her birthday party. Bored and angry about their “babysitting duty” the two detectives are led astray and follow a possible suspect from the party right into a trap. Someone wants them dead and after a gunfight in the midst of a crowded shopping mall loaded with Japanese tourists, a chase ensues through the subway system. When they turn up empty handed, the two detectives are suspended from active duty – for leaving their post at the birthday party.

While "off duty," Parodi very cleverly tracks down the Japanese tourists. Many of the tourists were carrying video cameras, and possibly taped something during the shootout. Who wanted them dead? Parodi’s instinct tells him that one of these tapes could give him the answer. And sure enough, using sophisticated computer enhancement, he finally discovers evidence. Standing in the shadows at the scene is Lieutenant Lizarraga. Lizarraga is clearly the "mole," as his presence there is not warranted and is unexplained.

Parodi now has to convince his somewhat untrusting partner Lorenzi that his only remaining friend and commanding officer is the traitor. Lizarraga tried to have them killed and then link both of them to the drug trade. This is shocking news to Lorenzi, but the incriminating evidence is overwhelming. Lizarraga is the mole.

Planning his escape, Lizarraga is still unaware that his cover has been blown. He has two plane tickets, one for him and one for Valeria, Lorenzi’s wife and his new girlfriend. He wants to leave the next day, after his last operation and major drug shipment.

Parodi and Lorenzi also have a plan – to somehow stop the drug shipment and to catch Lizarraga red-handed. Though it is only two of them against many, the two detectives must now work together with complete trust and in a final showdown, Lorenzi must face his old friend Lizarraga one last time...