Racin' In The Streets

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directed by: Wolfgang Büld
produced by: Bernd Eichinger
starring: Til Schweiger, Tina Ruhland, Stefan Gebelhoff, Ömer Simsek

Bertie, proud owner of a souped-up Manta and his gang, Gerd, Klausi and Hakan have no other hobby than working on their beloved Mantas and racing them. After a race in which Bertie levels a Rabbit GTI, he challenges Axel, an arrogant Mercedes driver. For this challenge, Bertie bets the money he and his girlfriend Uschi had saved for their first, own appartment.

As if the pressure wasn't enough, Helmuth, a Ferrari driving club owner makes a pass at Uschi. He wants to convince her to take part in a Miss-Wet-T-Shirt contest in his nightclub. On top of that - Klausi ruins Gerd's car, Gerd falls in love with an environmentalist chick and Bertie's Manta blows its engine on the way to the stadion.

In a night-session, Bertie and Gerd steal a 50.000$ race engine and do a "heart transplant" into Berties car. But Bertie can't drive anymore. He's totally wasted! Finally...Klausi saves the day...