Parts - The Clonus Horror

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directed by: Robert S. Fiveson
starring: Peter Graves, Timothy Donnelly, Dick Sargent, Keenan Wynn, Frank Ashmore
produced by: Myrl A. Schreibman and Robert S. Fiveson

PARTS is the story of a man and a woman in love in a place full of lies, deception, death and danger. It is the story of a place called Clonus, where nothing occurs by chance and everyone will die by the horror of freezing to be used later for their body parts. It is the story of the accidental love affair of Richard and Lena, who are unwitting clones, not people, and of the doctors and guides and their lies and surveillance. But most of all, it is the story of Richard, who uncovers the truth and plots his escape.

Realizing some things are strange and unexplained, Richard and Lena watch and wait, until the night Richard decides he must try to run, to escape, to try and find out the truth and tell their story. Along the way he enters a forbidden place and fin ds out the shocking truth of who and what he is. With danger all around he runs for his life through the complex facility, trying to avoid the guards who have learned of his escape, and who have orders to kill. Driven and pushed, he stumbles upon the ultimate truth of Clonus, a huge room filled with bodies of his friends and associates-all frozen and stored for use later as parts banks for the living counter-parts of the clones.

After an incredible chase deep within the depths and across the rugged land that defines the compound, Richard sees reality for the first time. Cities, traffic, guns and motorcycles all are new and all seem to be after him-because Clonus is big...very big. Big enough to involve one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, and a major scandal involving the next President of the United States, big enough to insure that anyone that helps the clone to tell his story is going to die. But Richard moves on and after some help from a kindly old couple, he meets his counterpart who says he will help him.

His brother it seems is running for President and seems likely to have the connections needed for a scandal of this size. The brother is in on it and has a clone of his own-"don't turn your back on extended life" he says, which almost convinces the counterpart to turn on Richard. Quickly Richard realizes he is in more danger here, in this strange place, than the world he has escaped and that his love is in danger and that he must get back to the dreaded Clonus. But the wheels have been set in motion, and the project is too big to be exposed, that's why everyone that helped the clone is murdered. Once back at Clonus, Richard discovers a truth more horrible than imaginable along with the audience. The final incredible ending shocks everyone with its numbing terror.

THE CLONUS HORROR is a film involving the realities of today's miracle science with the drama and shock of a horror thriller. It is the story of what happens when science and nightmare merge.