Crazy Race

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directed by: Michael Keusch
produced by: Roland Messmer
starring: Kai Lenroth, Julia Stinshoff, Christian Tramitz, Dirk Bach, Ande Werner, Lars Niedereichholz, Ingolf Lück, Sissi Perlinger, Ottfried Fischer
Stunts by: Action Concept

Marc is in trouble. Due to a stupid coincidence, he owes the most ruthless gangster in town a quarter of a million Euro. Exactly the amount which an eccentric new-economy millionaire has promised the winner of an illegal full-speed cross-country car race. Marc only has one chance to see his thirtieth birthday: He has to win this race.

To make things even worse, his eight-year-old daughter comes over for the weekend and shortly after the start, law-enforcement in the shape of ambitious police officer Andrea tries to take him out of the race. Marc has no choice but to kidnap the young woman and to offer her an unwanted ride.

And as if this wasn’t enough, there are all the other crazy participants. In their fight for victory, they leave chaos and destruction behind. Hot on their trail is the chief of police, who has once dedicated his life to fighting traffic hooligans…