Immigration Tango

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directed by: David Burton Morris
produced by: Elika Portnoy
starring: McCaleb Burnett, Elika Portnoy, Ashley Wolfe, Carlos Leon
Feature, Dolby Digital, 90 minutes
genre: Romantic Comedy

Boston International Film Festival (BIFF) Link
- Winner, Indie Spirit Best Picture Award
- Winner, Indie Spirit Best Actor Award (Carlos Leon)

Monaco International Film Festival - Angel Film Awards
- Winner, Best Ensemble Cast
- Winner, Best Supporting Female Actor
- Special Mention Angel Film Award

Elena is a Russian immigrant living in Miami who meets the handsome Carlos from Colombia. They embark on what seems like the perfect relationship - until both learn their visas are set to expire.

Elena and Carlos devise a plan to get their green cards by swapping partners with their best friends, Betty and Mike.

But the four friends get more than they bargained for as they test the limits of love - and the law - in this flirty, surprise-filled comedy with a modern, multicultural twist.