The Nonstop Trouble Collection

Dieter Hallervorden Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden (born September 5, 1935, Dessau, Germany) is a comic actor, singer and cabaret artist and without doubt, one of the most successful German comediens of all time. The character that made him famous is "Didi", a simple, honest and average Joe, who's always in trouble...

Aside from numerous Television programs, Dieter Hallervorden has starred in many feature films, some of which he also directed. Atlas International is proud to present a collection of "Didi's" best comedies...

Nonstop Trouble With The Family

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directed By: Christian Rateuke and Dieter Hallervorden
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Wolfgang Kieling, Manfred Tauchen

In a variation of the Sir Alec Guinness movie "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (1949), Dieter Hallervorden not only plays Did Doodle, but all five relatives as well.

The eccentric and vastly rich Gustav Bollerman has just passed away. His legacy: 30 million. He is survived by five relatives, all of them losers and misfits, whose repugnance and cruelty are exceeded only by their greed.

The family assembles eagerly for the reading of the will, wherein the late Mr. Bollerman informs them - on videotape - of their disinheritance. The entire fortune is going instead to a distant third cousin, Didi Doodle, the only family member who never came asking for money. However, should he not be alive, the fortune will be divided amongst the five cousins...


Nostop Trouble With My Double

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directed By: Reinhard Schwabenitzky
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Tilo Prückner, Ruth Maria Kubitschek

The ruthless president of an international corporation and the unsuccessful proprietor of a run down pub have only one thing in common - they look like identical twins. When the rich industrialist learns of a plan to kidnap him for ransom, he has an ingenious idea.

He hires Bruno, the pub owner to be his double for one week, hoping thus to fool the gangsters. He has no idea, however, that he's about to get more than he bargained, since it is much easier to hire a double than to fire it!


Nonstop Trouble with the Spies

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directed By: Ottokar Runze
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Tilo Prückner, Antony Diffring, Gustl Bayrhammer, Eddie Constantin

Herb Beckermann, a naive cab driver in West-Berlin, is asked to take an apparently drunken man to an address in East-Berlin. There, he has to realize that the man is not drunk at all but dead and that the address is the KGB headquarters. He is arrested, questioned, and ... released.

Thinking that Herbert is a top spy for the CIA, the KGB's plan is to use him as bait. Back in West-Berlin, Herbert is kidnapped, questioned and ... released by the CIA, who thinks that he is a top spy for the KGB. Now Herbert is caught in the cold war of the secret services and the outcome is truly hilarious. Didi Hallervorden is about to turn the CIA and KGB upside down!


Nonstop Trouble With The Experts

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directed By: Reinhard Schwabenitzky
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Peter Fricke, Walo Lüönd, Gert Hauke

A car accident leaves Willy Schulz, owner of a rundown auto-repair shop, with a knock on his head and a loss of memory. He is suddenly mistaken for Willy Schneider, an American campaign manager who was flown in to beef up the chances of a crooked and imcompetent mayor in the elections.

And so it is that the average guy who "on principle" doesn't want to have anything to do with politicians, is up to his neck in silly campaign politics. As long as his memory fails him, he plays the game. Short and concise slogans like "We have to step on the gas!" or "We have to tighten the screws!" work like a charm and the mayor is delighted.

But then Willy regains his memory...


Nonstop Trouble With Didi

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directed By: Ralf Gregan
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Rainer Brandt, Dirk Dauzenberg

After a number of severe personal and professional setbacks, a crazy inventor decides to leave this world and hires a killer for the job. The moment the assailant is hired, his life makes a drastic change for the better.

The killer, however, is already on his way....


Nonstop Trouble in the Hospital

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directed By: Ulrich Stark
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Rosl Zech, Ezard Haussmann, Alexander May, Rolf Zacher

Through a series of crazy coincidences, the night-watch man of the East-Berlin Medical University becomes a famous doctor. Armed with in-depth knowledge of each and every episode of "General Hospital" and "ER" he manages to fool all his highbrow colleagues. But not for long....


Didi Drives Me Crazy

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directed By: Wigbert Wicker
starring: Dieter Hallervorden, Bernard Menez, Pierre Tornade, Hans-Peter Hallwachs
Action Sequences by: Robert Menegoz

Didi has just gotten his Truck-Driver license and is the happiest man you have ever seen....and one of the dumbest! This is why he is hired by the shady manager of a chemical company to haul explosive chemical waste to a dump in France. He doesn't tell him about the explosive chemical part though - and so Didi thinks he's delivering barrels filled with waist oil. No problemo ... but why is this crazy french guy MARCEL trying so hard to stop him?

When finally the police, crazed tourists and the press are after his truck, DIDI realizes that something must be terribly wrong with the load on his truck ...