Closed Season

(Ende der Schonzeit)
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directed by: Franziska Schlotterer
written by: Franziska Schlotterer & Gwendolyn Bellmann
starring: Brigitte Hobmeier, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Christian Friedel,
produced by: Philipp Homberg, Christian Drewing
running time: featurelength, Dolby Digital, German Version (English Subtitles)

Festivals, Nominations & Wins:

2012 Montreal World Filmfestival (Winner - Best Actress)
· 2012 Munich Filmfest (Competition)
· 2012 Kinofest Lünen (Winner)
· 2013 Shanghai International Film Festival
· 2013 UK Jewish Film Festival
· 2013 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
· 2013 Espoo Ciné International Film Festival (16.-25.8.2013), Finland
· 2013 25th Galway Film Fleadh (Runner-Up)
· 2013 Nantes (Winner-Audience Award)
· 2014 35. Bavarian Filmprize (Winner - Best Actress)
· 2014 Palm Beach International Film Festival
· 2014 Eastbay International Jewish Film Festival
(Winner-Audience Award)
· 2014 Philadelphia Jewish Film Fest (Winner-Audience Award)


Told in flashback and bookended by a German student’s search for his biological father in 1970s Israel, the film tells the story of Albert (Christian Friedel) a Jewish boy fleeing Nazi persecution during WWII. Traveling through the mountains of the Black Forest and unable to cross the heavily patrolled Swiss border, Albert is given shelter by a farmer Fritz (Hans-Jochen Wagner) and his wife Emma (Brigitte Hobmeier).

Working together on the farm, Albert and Fritz develop a bond and Fritz confesses to him that the couple has been unable to conceive. The frustrated farmer proposes an unusual arrangement - Albert is to father a child with Emma in exchange for continued shelter and protection. Emma is very unhappy about this idea but she relents and soon finds herself falling in love with the young stranger.

A cauldron of jealousy and betrayal erupts. Frequent visits by an old family friend and Nazi party functionary (Thomas Loibl) add layers of suspense, leading to a very unexpected end.

"Closed Season is an extremely powerful suspense story about a bizarre love triangle in which no one can possibly triumph." (George Heymont - The Huffington Post)

"...completely convincing." "..this competent, nicely atmospheric ...production has the seed to travel." (Ronnie Scheib - Variety)

"Great emotional drama, using modest but long-proven methods... The interesting frame narrative keeps the viewer guessing right through to the end, and the masterful acting adds credibility to this tale stretched between an Isreaeli kibbutz in the 1970s and the German countryside during the war." (Andrzej Gwozdz - FIPRESCI)

"This 2012 German/Israeli emotional drama is a simple, modest gem of a production that is as beautiful to watch as it is heartbreaking to fathom." (Jessica Hanewinckel - San Diego Jewish Journal)