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(Die Halbstarken) Drama
directed by: Urs Egger

written by: Bernd Eichinger
produced by: Bernd Eichinger and Uschi Reich
starring: Til Schweiger, Sandra Speichert, Roman Knizka, Frank Giering, Johann von Bülow

THE GERMAN CLASSICS are prestigious remakes of German blockbusters from the 50ties and 60ties. Produced by Bernd Eichinger's Constantin Film Produktion for German broadcaster SAT 1, this package features many of the best German actors and directors.

A man wants to make it to the top: 19 year old Freddy is fed up with his square parents. After an argument with his father, he leaves home and makes a living with petty thefts and casual work. Peanuts. Freddy, however, has big plans for himself and his girlfriend Sissy and so he plans the big coup....