The Devil and Ms. "D"

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written, produced and directed by: Bernd Eichinger
co-produced by: Martin Moszkowicz
starring: Til Schweiger, Corinna Harfouch, Thomas Heinze
running time: 109 minutes

He’s good looking, the new patient of psychiatrist Cora Dulz. He’s provocative, charming, secretive and a very convincing story-teller. The stories about his encounters with Maria Callas, for example. And he certainly cannot be the devil, as he claims. But then, he knows things about Cora which he cannot possibly know, and strange things happen that cannot be written off as coincidences.

As the therapy continues, Cora becomes more and more fascinated with the man, who seems to guess her most secret wishes. It becomes even more difficult for her to resist Nagy’s diabolical allure, his overbearing eroticism and bizarre fantasies. The psychiatrist and patient start meeting each other away from her office; the "devil" gains more and more power over her even though she struggles to maintain her resistance. He becomes the object of her unfulfilled dreams and most private yearnings. When she then tries to get closer to Nagy, he distances himself from her. Sometimes it seems as though he is playing a cruel game with her, sometimes he seems to be captive himself to his delusions about Callas. In the end, he is the reason she loses control of her own life and can finally even imagine herself committing a murder.