Stowaways On The Ark

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directed by: Wolfgang Urchs
produced by: MS Film, Paramount Germany, Artemis Film,
running time: 84 mins.

It is just by chance that Willie and his family came on board the Ark - Noah had long lost control over the huge passenger-list and nobody would have really missed the little woodworms. This coincidence will soon prove to be a fateful one, for they will save the Ark from greatest danger....

The Ark is built, all animals are finally on board and God sends rain to wash away his unsuccessful experiment. It rains day and night and soon the earth beneath the ship disappears without a trace. A few days later, during their afternoon stroll, Willie, his wife Alice and the little kids discover a strange network of tunnels within the wooden walls of the Ark. Fascinated, they follow the tunnel s and soon discover that they are not the only stowaways on Noah's ship. In the ship's stern, dangerous termites have built a gigantic nest.

Soon the inevitable happens. The Ark due to the termites' destructive work starts to crumble. The bear falls through the roof, the elephant through the kitchen ceiling and the Ark is leaking! Since nobody on board the ship knows of the termites' eacistence, Noah and all the animals suspect Willie and his family to be the cause of this disaster. Hunted by the woodpecker and the ant-bear, Willie has but one choice: he somehow has to get rid of the Ark's stern and thus seperate the termites' nest from the rest of the ship. Willie and his kids drill and mould until their drilling-noses are red-hot. Finally, the ship's stern falls into the sea and a little woodworm has saved the Ark and all it's passengers....