Adult Classics

The Story of Joanna

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written, poduced and directed by: Gerard Damiano
starring: Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall, Zebedy Colt, Juliet Graham, Steven Lark

A masterpiece of erotic cinema by one of the genre's most prominent directors - Gerard Damiano.

What is that grows out of love or love that grows out of sex? JOANNA is a bizarre tale of sensual emotion based on the assumption that love in its purest form is selfless. Jason encounters a beautiful, young, innocent girl one evening and proceeds to take her down through a funnel of despair.


Anna Obsessed

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directed by: Martin Martin
starring: Constance Money, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Susan McBain, Jamie Gillis

Annette Haven has always been known for her good taste in films, and she shows herself to be a real thespian through her performance in this Martin Martin psycho-sexual thriller.

Is she a victim, or a villain? That is the question that will be sure to haunt you after watching this film. Surrounded by such other greats as John Leslie and Constance Money, Haven puts out one of the performances of her career...


New York Babes

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directed by: Bobby Hollander
starring: Vanessa Del Rio, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Gloria Leonard, Serena, Bobby Astyr

New York Babes - An intimate glimpse into the major leagues of erotic encounters is the theme of this fast-paced, sensual sports film featuring a complete team of uninhibited, baseball babes who can handle any kind of balls professionally. Bring plenty of pop corn, cause you won't want to miss a second of this one - a grand slam of a movie!



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directed by: John Christopher
starring: Tara Aire, Tiffany Clark, Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Ron Jeremy

One thing stands between a successful model (Tara Aire) and a multi-million dollar inheritance: she has to be married to collect! She searches for Mr. Right, a guy interested ONLY as a business partner so she can quit working. Meanwhile, her modeling agent (Samantha Fox) searches for Mr. Wrong, so as not to lose her agency's top model. They meet in the middle - with surprising results!