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Directed By: Rainer Erler
Cast: Jutta Speidel, Herbert Herrmann, Wolf Roth, Charlotte Kerr
running time: 114 mins.


Young, broke, and very much in love, Mike Shepard, a Princeton graduate student marries his exchange student sweetheart, the German girl, Monica, on campus, and the two of them set off on a low budget honeymoon in the American southwest. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, the couple spends the night in a pathetic collection of shacks ironically called ,,The Honeymoon Inn". The old busybody who runs the place seems more than casually interested in her only two guests.

Mike and Monica have no idea that this motel is used by a multi-national headhunting organization as a man trap. While the two enjoy their wedding night, an ambulance sets in motion somewhere out in the desert. The
two medics kidnap Mike, but Monica is able to get away. Sneaking back to the motel, she finds all her belonging and the car missing — but the ambulance is right there waiting for her. Monica runs away and finally manages to flag down a heavy truck on the highway carrying forty tons of frozen beef sides to New York. Monica has a job on her hands convincing Bill, the driver of the truck, that her improbable story is not a put-on. Finally, he says he is prepared to help her, but only after delivering his cargo safely to New York. While the two of them drive across country, they work out a plan to shed some light on these mysterious events. They decide to go back to the Honeymoon Inn and allow themselves to be kidnapped.

Again the ambulance appears and kidnaps Monica and Bill, but with the help of some other truck drivers and a broad-based network of CB-radio hams, they are able to stop the ambulance before it reaches its destination.
They force the truth out of the driver and his assistant - it seems that an international syndicate has been arranging to have healthy young people kidnapped and delivered to Roswell Air Force Base Hospital, where their organs are removed by a team of doctors, who then deliver the valuable kidneys, livers and other vital body parts to various organ banks throughout the world, then to be made available to seriously ill, well-heeled patients, who have been waiting for transplants for month and even years. They find Mike at the last minute and after a transcontinental chase involving a collection of highly suspicious doctors, they all escape certain doom at the last possible second.

Not a film in opposition to organ transplants, but rather a science-fiction shocker with a timely warning of what might happen if this life-saving work were to fall into the wrong administrative hands.