The Noah's Ark Principle

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directed by: Roland Emmerich
produced by: Wolfgang Längsfeld and Peter Zenk
starring: Richy Müller, Franz Buchrieser, Aviva Joel, Nikolas Lansky
Dolby Stereo, 35mm, 100 Min. Techniscope

(Director, Scriptwriter)

Roland Emmerich was born in 1955 in Stuttgart, Germany. After finishing highschool he attended the art college of Stuttgart and the Munich Film School. Emmerich's first feature film, THE NOAH'S ARK PRINCIPLE, was at the same time his graduation project for the film school. Following the surprising success of this picture in the German cinemas, he wrote and directed JOEY in 1985, the story of a boy who is in contact with his dead father in the afterworld. This film again proved Emmerich's preference for the American cinema à la Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, which continued in his films UNIVERSAL SOLDIER and STARGATE and found its peak in his latest world-wide mega hits INDEPENDENCE DAY, GODZILLA, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and 2012.

Sometime in the future.... a gigantic European-American meteorological research station "The Florida Arklab" circles the earth with a crew of two men. Equipped with high-tech machinery, Max Marek, scientist, and Billy Hayes, chief technician, are in charge of global weather forecasts and climate control. Realizing that the radiation to which the capsule is exposed has become incalculable, scientists and politicians on earth are inclined to shut the station down. When a local conflict in the Middle East gets out of control and the American and the Russian fleets converge in the Indian Ocean, the CIA decides to exploit the stations abilities for military purposes. Marek, realizing the devastating effects this climatic manipulation would cause for large areas on earth, - without the knowledge of his colleague Hayes - tries to sabotage the computer program...