Ballermann 6

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directed by: Gernot Roll
produced by: Bernd Eichinger, Martin Moszkowicz and Herman Weigel
starring: Tom Gerhardt, Hilmi Sözer, Christoph M. Orth, Diana Frank, Ralph Willmann, Katja Flint, Uwe Ochsenknecht
95 minutes, Dolby SR, Soundtrack on EMI Electrola

At the end of it's theatrical release, "Ballermann 6" had made a total of 2.445.311 tickets at the German boxoffice.

Tommy and Mario have finally found a new job - they work as Easter Bunnys - or more precisely as delivery-men in Easter Bunny costumes. Distracted by a cute girl, they loose control over their egg-shaped car, skid off the road and run full speed into a group of parked Hell’s Angels’ Harleys. Not only do they get a good „workout" but they also loose their job. At least there’s $200 each as severance pay.

Mario and Tommy agree: after two days of hard work, a vacation is desperately needed. The advertisement „SUPER MALLORCA OFFER - THREE NIGHTS FOR $195 - EVERYTHING INCLUDED" instantly convinces them. Three days of beach? Loose women and booze included? The boys deserve this. They have always dreamed of going to Mallorca, THE famous party spot where Germans, Scandinavians and the British all go for booze, women and fun on the beach! With a trick they get hold of the last two tickets for this special offer, which actually had belonged to someone else. At the airport, Tommy and Mario can hardly control their excitement. This is when they bump into the attractive Maja, whose curves are even more exciting. Maja is also on her way to Mallorca, but doesn’t notice the boy’s sentiments. Tommy and Mario are flying for the first time and so think it’s quite natural to check the function of the oxygen masks by hitting the release mechanism, or to prepare themselves for three nights of booze by already getting completely wasted on the plane.

Upon their arrival at „Balenaro 1" beach, there is trouble. The boys have to realize that „free booze" is actually rather expensive. Two bottles of beer eat up the rest of their money and the hard truth is: they need work. They find a job at a sports club - the steering of the jet ski needs an overhaul. No problem for our two hobby-mechanics. To prove to their boss that they are just the right guys for the job, they check and tune the engine and apply a new and daring paint job. In the heat of the moment, however, they forget to repair the steering. The handsome victim who undertakes the maiden voyage on this hot machine quickly disappears into the setting sun....

Claudia and David, two water-skiers (look-a-likes for the world famous couple), who are enjoying a few days in the sun, fall victim to the out-of-control jet ski and are run aground on a buoy. Shortly thereafter, a minor carelessness on the part of Tommy and Mario leads to the rental office blowing up. Unfortunately, their luggage and the address of their hotel goes up in smoke too... Lucky enough, they manage to „borrow" the beach buggy of their „late" boss. On the street, they recognize Maja, the blond bombshell from the airport. She is in a heavy argument with Klaus, her arrogant yuppie boy friend and, out of spite, jumps into their buggy. Together, they crash the local golf club, where Tommy and Mario, under the eyes of the skeptical waiter, set out in search of some alcohol. Of course there’s trouble on the golf course as the two morons run into the sensitive Anne-Marie, whose pet fell victim to their „efforts" some years ago. Inevitably, her new pet faces the same fate....

Together with Maja, they head towards the infamous disco „BAVARIA", to finally have some fun! They actually manage to get Maja wasted and to accompany her to her hotel suite. There, she falls asleep on the bed while the two „heroes" lose their consciousness over a round of „scrabble". When Klaus arrives at the suite, the situation looks a lot more serious to him than it actually is. Our friends, however, are happy: they have really dragged this chick off! For their simple world to be beautiful, the only thing that is still missing is the big free booze at the beach. Unfortunately they have meanwhile made quite a number of new „friends". Maja’s boyfriend is out for revenge, the rental man wants his buggy back and...and...and...

A big party on the beach, featuring the world’s biggest Sangria-bucket, is the setting for the grand-finale. A finale which will leave traces for generations of tourists to come...

And hey, wasn’t there a lost jet-skier...!?