In Bed With The Devil

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directed by: Rainer Matsutani
starring: Jan Josef Liefers, Armin Rhode, Ralf Bauer, Sonsee Ahray Floethmann, Thure Riefenstein
produced by: Bernd Eichinger

For years, things have not been quite like Frank Faust had pictured them when he was a promising graduate. It was then, when he was first a talented musician with a possible career and later a hopeful student of architecture. Meanwhile, the sympathetic looser is making a living as a cabdriver in his small hometown. Frank himself has come to terms with the situation but his girlfriend Jennifer is less and less satisfied with the development or more precisely the lack of it.

The situation escalates when once again Frank arrives late to take Jennifer to their ten-year high-school reunion party. Later that night, when Jennifer watches an obviously drunk Frank flirting with his attractive ex, she decides it's finally time for a change. Spontaneously, she accepts her best friend Connie's offer to flee with her to the big city to forget this nightmare of a relationship.

Frank is devastated. He can't imagine a life without Jenny but each and every one of his begging phone calls is rebuffed by a cool Jennifer. As the assistant of “In” photographer Axel, she has started a new professional life and finally found in him the partner to give her what she longs for. Mephisto Jr. could not whish for a better moment to reveal to Frank that he is a direct descendant of the famous historical Faust. “Satan's Son” offers Frank a pact to win back Jennifer. In his desperate emotional state, Frank easily agrees to the devilish plan. Mephisto's plan is simple: You only have to be famous and successful to impress people, he confidently states.

And so Mephisto Jr. and Frank head for the big city, where the devilish friend manages to publicly present Frank with a variety of famous people, who all rave about Frank's abilities as an interior decorator. This professional “product placement” is soon successful. Frank becomes a celebrated member of the “in-crowd” and is flooded with commissions. Jennifer is impressed. Could she possibly have misjudged Frank?

Mephisto's plan seems to succeed. Jennifer wants to return to Frank. But the poor little devil did not foresee his own feelings. He has fallen madly in love with his client and now he is prepared to fight for his love! Frank is shocked and throws him out of his apartment.

But the devil does not give up easily and so he successfully sabotages all efforts of reconciliation between Frank and Jennifer. Frustrated, she escapes to Mallorca, where she runs into her childhood-sweetheart-turned-famous-actor, Ralf Bauer. He is quick to offer Jennifer some comfort and tenderness.

Meanwhile, Mephisto's dad, the Lord of the underworld, has entered the scene. He is very “unhappy” with the development of things in general and specifically his son's sexual behavior. He gives Jr. and Frank an ultimatum to “straighten” things out and to reinstate the devilish order. And so the two unwillingly team up to look for Jennifer, not knowing what surprises await them…