Maybe...maybe not

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directed by: Sönke Wortmann
produced by: Bernd Eichinger
starring: Til Schweiger, Katja Riemann, Joachim Król, Rufus Beck, Armin Rohde, Martina Gedeck
based on the comic by Ralf König
Running time 93 minutes, Dolby Stereo SR, Cinemascope

winner Ernst Lubitsch Prize
winner Best Film, German Film Awards
winner Best Male Actor (Joachim Król), German Film Awards

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TIME MAGAZINE: "...Wortmann devilishly maneuvers the movie into yet another slapstick situation."
NEW YORK POST: " outrageous, sexy farce!"
MOVING PICTURES: "...a sure winner."
VARIETY: "...Germany's funniest date movie."
L.A. TIMES: "One of the most exhilarating comedies of the year!"
NEW YORK OBSERVER: "Riotous gender-bender!"

Maybe, maybe the story of Axel, a handsome young man who's had one affair too many. When his girlfriend, Doro, throws him out, Axel moves in with his gay friend, Norbert. Before long, Doro announces she's pregnant.

Then she finds Axel and Norbert in a compromising position and decides her boyfriend's gay. But is Axel ready to tell her the truth... and nothing but the truth?


MAYBE...MAYBE NOT (aka DER BEWEGTE MANN) was not only awarded the Gold Prize for best German Film of the year, but also it’s Director Sönke Wortmann received the Gold Prize for best Director and Joachim Król, who earlier that year had already received the Bavarian Film Prize for best male Actor, was awarded the Gold Prize for best male Actor.

Only rarely one film wins three out of four first prizes at the German Film Awards, the most prestigious prize awarded for motion pictures in Germany. Apart form the Award for best Film, Producer Bernd Eichinger also received the Golden Screen with Diamond from the German Exhibitors Association for over 6 million tickets in a 12 months period. In the German hit-list, „DER BEWEGTE MANN“ now ranks after „LION KING“ and „FORREST GUMP“ with a total box office of app. 44.311.534 US$.