SOS - Bunnyguards On Board

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directed by: Michael Karen
starring: Erkan Maria Moosleitner, Stefan Lust, Arzu Bazman, Andrea Sawatzki, Ludger Pistor
produced by: Erkan Maria Moosleitner, Stefan Lust

This is already the third installment of Germany's most successful comedy duo - Erkan & Stefan.

Erkan and Stefan make it to the final round of the immensely popular Game Show "THAT TAKES THE CAKE" of star-host Hardy Flanders. The contestants are usually humiliated but the winner always gets an attractive surprise-prize. In contrast to Erkan, Stefan is a devoted fan of Hardy Flanders. Behind the scenes of the show - and unknown to the public, a drama takes place: the high-handed, ever-grinning Flanders has just fired his producer, Karin Schwartau, who has misappropriated prize-money.

To everyone's surprise, our boys beat the undefeated champion ALEX in the final and win. When Flanders gives his winners the choice of 100.000 Euro in cash or the "Super-Surprize-Prize", Stefan makes a spontaneous and "surprising" decision…

Erkan & Stefan board the cruise ship "TS Albatros" and everything seems perfect: Good vibes, Babes, Captain's dinner, clay-pigeon shooting and in the middle of everything… Hardy Flanders, who is supposed to be their host for a party-filled week. Erkan still can't believe that his friend has chosen the cruise over the cash and the star-host's macho manners are slowly making him puke. Stefan, however, is in heaven - his biggest idol is in the cabin next door - but just when Stefan wants to propose his brand-new, cool concept for a game-show to Flanders, he finds the star-host dead in his bathroom…