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directed by: Marc Rothemund
produced by: Bernd Eichinger
starring: Benno Führmann, Tom Schilling, Karoline Herfurth, Valentina Lodovini, Michael Gwisdek, Dieter Landuris
genre: Comedy
theatrical release in Germany: October 2007


Germany, late 60’s. The Sexual Revolution rules the globe.
During an assignment, BENNIE, a young police recruit, falls head over heels in love with LUZI, a local communer.
Bennie’s older brother FREDDIE asks him for help. He wants Bennie to shoot a sex movie – a popular genre of the time. In Freddie’s mind, what could be easier than shooting a little sex movie, especially since his kid brother knows how to handle a film camera? Grudgingly, Bennie agrees to help his brother.

While Freddie is busy daydreaming about his get-rich-quick scheme and romancing an older woman, poor Bennie has his hands full with a wacky film crew: CESARE, the film’s “financier”, whose day job is running a pizza joint; MR. ECKERT, a movie theatre projectionist, who agrees to donate film stock; stoner LOTHAR and his girlfriend IRENE, who lend a hand or two on set; and GINA, the lead actress. But it turns out that GINA doesn’t speak German, and worst of all, she doesn’t do nude scenes.

Shooting a film at night and shooting the bad guys during the day isn’t easy. Bennie is forced to question his integrity as a law enforcement officer now that he’s moonlighting as a sex film director. But most importantly, how can Bennie explain his square professional duties to the free-spirited and revolutionary-minded Luzi?

Winning the heart of the girl he loves might just be more difficult for Bennie than getting his wannabe movie starlet to take her clothes off...