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directed by: Sven Unterwaldt
produced by: Herman Weigel
starring: Tom Gerhardt, Mirco Nontschew, Dorkas Kiefer, Markus Profitlich
Feature, Dolby Digital

Sven Unterwaldt, director of the comedy blockbuster "Seven Dwarfs" (which sold close to 7 million tickets in Germany) and Tom Gerhardt, one of Germany's most successful comedians, have teamed up to bring us the ultimate truth about the Nibelung and one of literatures biggest heroes, Siegfried!

With spectacular sets, hilarious comedy and a talking pig (trained by the same people who brought you "BABE") - SIEGFRIED will once and for all set the record straight.

It was a dark age, the Rhine was dyed red with the blood of the innocent. An age of killing and dying – of war and battles for the legendary Nibelung treasure – long before our time.
But it was also an age of courageous warriors and true heroes. Back then the Rhine saw many come and go, and many live on in legends to this day. But one man towered above them all – the bravest of the brave...

He's the one – whose return the poor and oppressed still longingly await, and whom the dark powers fear as they fear their own downfall – the most courageous among the fearless, hero of heroes, the great son of our people...

After centuries full of lies, the time has come to tell his true story:

Long before our time: Rhineland lies in ruins, shattered by battles and wars. Above the dead, crows sing their nasty song. Evil has triumphed. Just when all hope seems to have died......a basket comes floating down the Rhine, bathed in the first rays of sunlight. Zong! With a powerful punch, a baby's fist smashes through the basket lid. A heroic young warrior sits up. Whang! A low-hanging branch knocks him into the water – where he is saved by Mime (Michael Brandner), the blacksmith. He takes the boy in, caring for him like his own son. The catch: Tiny Siegfried has superhuman strength and doesn't know how to control it. When the main beam supporting Mime's roof gets in his way, it topples, unfortunately collapsing every wall of the house...

Other villagers are also victims of Siggi's enterprise. Siegfried (Tom Gerhardt), or Siggi, as everyone calls him, is by now a grown man. Yet he still sees the world through the eyes of a seven-year-old boy. And like all seven-year-olds he loves to try everything out. Siggi's playmates live dangerously – soon the only pal he has left is a pig. But while the pig is very fond of him, Siggi hasn't much use for the porker. This is the kind of guy you'd gladly evict from your village – but how? In spite of all the disasters he causes, Siggi is so terribly lovable and good-natured that it drives everyone to despair.

Then a most welcome opportunity arises: in the form of a gorgeous young woman (Dorkas Kiefer). Siegfried discovers her in the forest one day and is just as thrilled by her as she is repulsed by him.

Lavishly blessed by all the villagers, Siggi sets out on the trail of his beloved. The pig tags along, ignoring Siggi's efforts to get rid of him and touting his vast experience with women. Siegfried takes little notice – he has only one thought, Kriemhild! He is convinced she is sitting in her castle, eagerly awaiting his arrival. But the only things awaiting Siggi are hatred and malice. To get rid of pesky Siggi and his pig, the disgrace of Rhenish aristocracy concocts a diabolical mixture of secrecy, spite and betrayal. Will Siggi manage to free himself from these briers?

It's going to be a tough fight, for:
Never were the forces of evil as malevolent as then. Only the boldest of the bold is a match for them. Providing he has the luck of a pig...