The Bunnyguards

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directed by: Michael "Bully" Herbig
starring: Erkan Maria Moosleitner, Stefan Lust, Alexandra Neldel
produced by: Philip Voges, & Mischa Hofmann

Washington’s scandal of the century is about to be revealed. Through his connections to the underworld and for a huge amount of money, a Hamburg publisher succeeds in getting his hands on a tape with a recording of a secret and intimate conversation between a prominent public figure and his intern. However, just prior to the big press conference, the revealing tape accidentally is exchanged with his daughter’s Japanese lessons tape who, unknowingly, flies with the evidence in her handbag to Munich.

As soon as her father realizes what has happened, he tries to get the best bodyguards money can buy to protect her. However, thanks to the efforts of the German Secret Service and the CIA, both of which are eager to get their hands on the tape, Nina ends up with the two biggest goofs in town: Erkan and Stefan…

Although Nina is very skeptical at first, alone and in despair she has no other choice but to go with these two strange characters. On the run from German and American agents, Erkan and Stefan unintentionally leave a path of devastation and chaos behind them. Slowly but surely the men at the secret services are convinced that they are dealing with two hardnosed pros.

In the mean time Nina gets to know a different side of her two unusual hero’s: two loveable, plain guys with big mouths and big hearts. While they argue like children to win Nina’s affections, the CIA kidnaps her and takes the tape.

Tormented by feelings of guilt, Erkan and Stefan set out to rescue Nina from the American Embassy where she is being held under heavy security. The mission appears to be impossible, but Erkan and Stefan exceed all expectations. Putting their guardian angels to the test, our two unlikely hero’s succeed in rescuing the lovely Nina and the much sought after tape.

Finally, publisher Eckernfoerde can once more try to reveal to the general public the truth about the secret rendezvous in the Washington office.......