The El Escorial Conspiracy

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directed by: Antonio del Real
starring: Jason Isaacs, Julia Ormond, Jürgen Prochnow, Jordi Mollà, Fabio Testi, Joaquim de Almeida
running time: 128 minutes, Dolby Digital,

In the royal Court of Philip II in the late 16th Century, the House of Alba is fighting to regain the King’s favor and displace the rival faction of the House of Mendoza, led by the ambitious Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Éboli, whose extraordinary beauty is as dangerous as her ambition.

On the night of Easter Monday, 1578, paid assassins ambush and kill Juan de Escobedo, personal envoy to John of Austria and witness to the dark and passionate romance between the Princess of Éboli and Prime Minister Antonio Pérez. Mateo Vázquez, a priest and incorruptible official in the King’s service, is charged with the investigation of his murder….