Nanga Parbat

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directed by: Joseph Vilsmaier
in collaboration with: Reinhold Messner
starring: Florian Stetter, Andreas Tobias, Karl Markovics, Michael Kranz, Jule Ronstedt, Lena Stolze, Matthias Habich, Volker Bruch
running time: 104 minutes, Dolby Digital, English Version, 3D

original score by: Gustavo Santaolalla - double Oscar winner ("Brokeback Mountain - 2006", "Babel - 2007"). One of only three composers to win in the Best Original Score two years in a row.

Joseph Vilsmaier's spectacular feature film adaption of the real-life drama of world-renowned mountain climber Reinhold Messner is now available in breathtaking 3D!

Trento Filmfestival 2010
Winner - Audience Award (Premio del Pubblico)
Winner - Italian Film Critic's Award (Premio Luciano Emmer)


Two brothers. One mountain. Their destiny.

The brothers Reinhold and Guenther Messner had a childhood dream. They would one day climb to the top of the largest single mountain of the "eight thousanders in the world" - the 8,126 meter Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas - known to locals as the “naked mountain”.

In the year 1970, Dr. Karl Maria Herrligkoffer, organized an elite group of international mountain climbers to conquer the peak. The route would lead the group over the legendary Rupal Wall, the highest and steepest face on earth. Invited to join this elite group, the chance of a lifetime came for the two 25 and 23-year-old brothers to realize their dream.The group encounters obstacles - delays due to bad weather and life-threatening conditions. One fateful day, despite a bad weather forecast, Reinhold Messner seizes a small window of opportunity and decides to go for the mountain top alone.

Unknown to Reinhold, his determined but less experienced younger brother, Guenther follows after him - unfortunately not preparing adequately for the final descent. After conquering the peak, the two are left to the mercy of the elements as they try to descend. Guenther suffers from mountain sickness and Reinhold begins to hallucinate in the "Danger Zone". The struggle for survival begins...