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directed by: Ulrich König
starring: Gustl Bayrhammer, Toni Berger
running time: 92 min.

Somewhere in the south of Munich, in a valley surrounded by the Alps, lies Schladerbach, a sleepy little village with a big secret. Unknown to the villagers, Schladerbach still is the home of helpful, most of the time invisible little spirits who live in their own tiny village, three feet underground. Only GRANDPA REITER, the oldest man in the village, knows the reason for the mysterious magic which often happens in Schladerbach, for he is the sole human who can see the brownies and whom they trust.

His best friend is HATSCHIPUH, who, with only 356 years of age, is the youngest of the brownies. One morning, a very desperate HATSCHIPUH, comes to GRANDPA REITER and excitedly tells him that "huge, terrible monsters" are about to destroy his underground village. Of course there are no "monsters", but construction workers with trucks and excavators. In spite of their combined efforts, the brownies and Grandpa are unable to stop the destruction of the little underground village. The brownies prepare to leave Schladerbach but the Grandpa offers them a new home. They soon get used to the new surrounding but just when everybody is happy again, new problems arise ...