Reynard The Fox

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directed by: Manfred Durniok, He Yumen
produced by: Manfred Durniok Produktion, Shanghai Animation Film Studios
running time: 81 mins.

This new version of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's classic animal fable about the courageous and cunning fox who takes clever advantage of his fellow animal's weaknesses is the basis of this ambitious German/Chinese co-production.

Reynard, the wily fox, has been getting along very well for some time, but now the animals in the kingdom have decided to finally report Reynard's outrageous behaviour to the King, Noble the Lion. The fox is summoned to the royal court and after some successful attempts to elude the King's soldiers, Reynard realizes that before long, he will have no choice but to give up. Before the assembly of animals, the wolf, the bear and the rooster lead bitter complaints against Reynard. His case appears hopeless and the death sentence seems near - but once again, Reynard has an ingenious idea. He leads the Nobel to believe that his prosecutors had actually wooed him with treasures to conspire against the king and that he, Reynard, would be willing to hand these treasures over to him. The greedy lion falls into the trap. He sends two of his soldiers to accompany Reynard to his castle Malepartus. There, the fox manages to get his company drunk and the two return to court empty-handed. The patience of the king finally reaches an end. With a huge army, he goes after the fox. It seems that this time, Reynard has gone too far.... - or has he?