TKKG - Four Junior Detectives

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directed by: Ulrich König
produced by: Martin Moszkowicz, Peter Zenk, Sabine Eichinger
starring: Tomi Renjak, Max Sittel, Steffen Raddatz

Awarded with the gold-medal at the Giffoni Children Festival

Everything is starting out like a normal case for TKKG: Tim, Karl, Klößchen and Gaby. They are looking for Schratt, an obnoxious character. Schratt catches and steals dogs -- lost dogs, stray dogs or dogs who ventured a bit too far during a walk. Their fate: the lab for animal experiments. Just the thought makes the kids see red. Off they go on a turbulent rescue campaign that succeeds, turns into a dramatic pursuit and climaxes in a disaster: Dachshund Waldi -- the darling of their wheel chair bound classmate -- panics, runs away and disappears in an abyss under the castle.

TKKG follow him and to their astonishment end up in an underground cave. Magic words are inscribed on the wall. Cleverly devised Booby traps block the access to a labyrinth which nature created millions of years ago. Who put the traps there? It was Leonhart Krachwang an ingenious mechanic who lived 160 years ago. His son, a poacher, had discovered the cave and a treasure chamber deep in the labyrinth. The knight Albrecht had brought the sword 'Dragonseye' - embellished with a precious legendary ruby on the hilt - back with him from the 3rd crusade more than 800 years ago.

The treasured sword had survived the many years in the cave and Krachwang had made access to it into a perilous undertaking in revenge for the contrived condemnation and execution of his innocent son. In addition Krachwang kept the discovery of the treasures a secret. But there is a map to it cut up in pieces and hidden in books of his time: 12 volume first edition of Schiller's works. The books are still in existence.

Bit by bit the books give up their secret. But not only for TKKG but also for their adversaries, the demonic, unscrupulous antique dealer Hirnvogel and for Dr. Schindler, a trusted teacher who abuses their trust. Schindler a direct descendent of Krachwang is obsessed with the idea of finding 'Dragonseye'. The race to find the sword has started. In a showdown inside the treasure chamber, guarded by ghostly armoured knights and the skeleton of Trauthilde, Tim fights for Gaby's life...