Four Junior Detectives II

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directed by: Marijan D. Vajda
produced by: Milan Dor & Danny Krausz
starring: Aled Roberts, Olivia Hallinan, Rebecca Keeling, Mathias Rothammer, Julie Cox and Christine Kaufmann
based on the book: 'Die Knickerbockerbande - das sprechende Grab' by Thomas Brezina

Lilo, Axel, Dominik and Poppi, the four junior detectives have just solved another sensational case. Everybody is celebrating. Only little Poppi is unhappy. She she’s truly fed up with being the scaredy-cat, the little girl who won’t dare to do anything just because she is the youngest. One night, with a mysterious message, she entices the other detectives to the old cemetery, then unexpectedly appears before them and announces that, as a test of courage, she will traverse the gruesome place alone.hen after a long while, she does not re-appear, the three other Gang members begin to look for her. They discover a stranger, cloaked in black, standing in front of a gravestone and wearing a dreadful mask. A voice appears to be murmuring from the depths of the grave. The sinister conversation comes to an abrupt end due to a moment of carelessness on the part of Axel, and the stranger flees amidst the wild curses of the voice.

Dominik, who is working in a theater as an actor and rap dancer, believes he recognizes the nocturnal stranger as being the beautiful dancer Melissa. She is the daughter of the famous magician Rudolfo Conte, who lies buried in the grave from which the sinister voice has come. In a few day’s time, Melissa will come of age. Rumors and secrets abound as to her father’s legacy, which she will then inherit. Question upon question for the four young detectives... Is Melissa really the cloaked stranger from the cemetery? What role is played by the ambitious young magician Adrian? Why is the theater director in possession of Rudolfo Conte’s writing paper? Who lies behind the mysterious voice from the grave? Why is Melissa persecuted by Tamara, the choreograph, with barely concealed hatred? And then there is an apparently mystical Indian ... what has he to do with it?

The four junior detectives stumble from one dangerous situation into the next. Dominik makes the acquaintance of poisonous snakes, Lilo almost falls from a roof, Axel find himself under a circular saw and Poppi falls into the hands of a dangerous poisoner. Yet the four junior detectives never give up, instead solving one riddle after another. At the very last minute, they save Melissa from being murdered and clear up all the missing links. Melissa’s inheritance is a valuable Latin-American diamond which had been cleverly hidden in Rudolfo Conte’s tomb. Adrian, originally the chief suspect, had merely been after Rudolfo Conte’s conjuring tricks, but at the same time fell in love with Melissa. It is Tamara who lies behind Melissa’s attempted murder; she considered Melissa’s mother to have destroyed her life and was now seeking revenge. The ghost at the grave was set up by the theater director in order to get the diamond.

Melissa, however, does not wish to accept her inheritance, which has brought so much misfortune. "The Eye of the Condor", the name given to the diamond by the Indian, is returned to him in a festive ceremony, for it had been stolen long ago from his people. Everybody wants to thank the heroes of the day, the four junior detectives, but in vain: they have already set off in pursuit of two robbers and are by now fully occupied with their next case.