In Search Of An Impotent Man

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directed by: John Henderson
starring: Katrin Weisser, Tim Williams, Sandra Leonhard, Gabriel Walsh
produced by: Regina Ziegler
running time: 94 min.

Carmen, a successful girl in her late twenties, has had enough. Her boyfriend is cheating on her, and at work her clients seem to believe that sex should be offered as one of the company services.

She and her best friend Laura, who has just discovered that she is pregnant, decide that where there is sex, there are lies; the two seem inseparable. After many tears and even more bottles of wine, Carmen comes up with what she believes is the perfect solution to her problems with men. She puts an ad on the Internet asking to meet a sensitive, intelligent man with a good sense of humor ... but he must be impotent.

What follows is a hilarious, touching story of love and misunderstanding, laughter and tears, Viagra and three pairs of underpants, and an enjoyable roller coaster of a relationship in this joyous romantic comedy for our times.