More Ants In The Pants

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written and directed by: Granz Henman
produced by: Bernd Eichinger
starring: Tobias Schenke, Diana Amft, Axel Stein, Rebecca Mosselman
running time: feature length

The long awaited sequel to the teenage comedy success ANTS IN THE PANTS. This time, the boys and girls are bigger....and so are their problems. Florian's "best friend" is back, only this time, things are a little more complicated...

Florian Thomas is only weeks away from graduation. He also happens to be in a LOT of trouble. His growing attraction towards the opposite sex keeps getting him into the most horrifyingly embarrassing situations imaginable to male-kind and he seems unable to resist.

But what makes matters even worse is the fact, that Flo chose to fall in love with Maja, the most amazing girl walking the face of the earth, but also one to whom Flo would be virtually invisible, if it wasn't for her witnessing several of his failed attempts at seducing the girls (or teachers) at his school.

After the school administration forces him into a session with a very attractive female sex therapist, Flo seeks the help of his friends Red Bull, Dirk and Schumi. The three friends analyze Flo's Situation. Schumi and Dirk see no hope at all for their friends to ever succeed in seducing beautiful Maja. Red Bull, on the other hand, pushes the two boys into a bet...
Flo isn't so sure about this, but what else supposed to do? For the girl of his dream, he is ready to embark onto every adventure imaginable.

Now, the mission is to win over the heart of his beloved Maja - and Flo and Red Bull will go to any length to succeed: they work as companion for elderly people, become caring and sensitive animal rights supporter and Red Bull even metamorphoses into Wanda, a talented female hockey player, leading Maja's team to their first victory EVER.

At last, Flo manages to generate Maja's interest in him. But following Red Bull's advice, he resorts to aphrodisiacs and what was first supposed to be a romantic dinner turns into a terrible embarrassment, as Maja breaks out into an unexpected allergic reaction.

But all hope is not lost for Flo, yet: After another ridiculous situation at the hospital, he declares his feelings for her in front of staff and patients alike, thus managing to win her trust again - that is, if he manages to keep out of trouble during the upcoming 99th birthday of Maja's beloved grandmother. But as Flo arrives at the scene, he immediately runs into Maja's naughty aunt Eve, and the next disaster seems inevitable...