Kart Racer

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directed by: Stuart Gillard
starring: Randy Quaid, Will Rothhaar, Jennifer Wigmore, David Gallagher
genre: Family
running time: appr. 90 minutes

Winner: Crystal Heart Award - Heartland Film Festival
Nominee: Director's Guild of Canada - DGC Craft Award


Strap on your seat belt for one thrilling ride! Randy Quaid (Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain) and Will Rothhaar (Hearts in Atlantis) star in this triumphant tale of a working-class kid with an appetite for acceleration, a knack for trouble and the dream of being a champion! Fledgling speed demon Watts Davies (Rothhaar) has always dreamed of competing in the high-adrenaline world of kart racing, but so far, the only speed record he's set is for scrapes with the law. His only hope for racing glory lies with his father (Quaid), whose own passion for the sport stalled after the death of Watts' mom. With an International Kart Federation heat fast approaching, Watts must find a way to get his dad on board to strive for victory in record time!